Accomplishing meditation

Not everyone can be a gymnast, an accountant, or a pilot, but everyone can be a meditator. Meditation is innate to a human being, and it is so because meditation is simply the direct access to inner awareness.

  • Meditation is not pain management, though one’s relation to pain will adjust through meditation.
  • Meditation is not a form of stress reduction, yet stress transforms under the influence of meditation.
  • Meditation is not an abstraction from life, but is the direct engaging of it.
  • Meditation is probably the most important training a person can undertake, paralleled only by the rigors of loving, wise parenting.

The Practice of Living Awareness can teach anyone to truly meditate. Learning to meditate requires time, effort, dedication, and the choice to give yourself that which only you can give – the gift of awareness. With that forefront, you become part of the energy of change in the world.

The Practice is in interim between Rounds. We will begin again soon. Until then, how is your practice? Use this blog for a meditation each day or as frequently through the week as you can organize. Meditate – for yourself and the world.

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