Meditation is Magic

step1There is no limit to the awareness available to a human being. Our challenge is how to access and sustain it. A good meditation practice is one that works to do just this: to bring your conscious Self forward in life and throughout your day. That’s why this one is called The Practice of Living Awareness.

Each step is simple and builds upon the one before. Allow each step to become “stable and known to you. In this way, it will benefit living your life as well as your meditation sitting.

Each Entry level meditation is 20 minutes long. Why?

  • Because it can take up to 15 minutes for the brain and its synapses to slow down from their stimulated daily mode.
  • Because the first 5 minutes or so for everyone is simply arriving. It takes us a few moments to “be present.” As we cultivate a meditation practice this length of time usually decreases. To facilitate that, you are encouraged to sit quietly for a few minutes before starting a podcast, or to arrive and settle for the same length of time before we start a live meditation.
  • Because a 20 minute meditation allows the brain enough time to relax, the body to get comfortable, attention to begin to focus on what is at hand (such as the breath or a smile).
  • It’s not too long so that beginners get frustrated.
  • In other words, 20 minutes is just long enough to stretch into and feel good about your sitting.

One Round of The Practice takes about 6 months. This gives the practitioner time to become familiar with each step, to experience ts benefits, and to integrate them into daily living. Then we engage the next step knowing that it is building upon or deepening all that has come before.

Register to be part of the live meditations: Monday through Friday, or Sunday’s World Service meditation, or monthly Full Moon meditations. Please register for each level or type of meditation you have interest in.

The list of the steps are on Spirit Fire’s site.

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