Cells of Mother Earth

This post is a day behind – sorry. The physical body’s was unusually off over the weekend, but you wouldn’t know it by the meditation!

EarthRenderEvery Sunday we celebrate Mother Earth. Doing so, we celebrate all that lives, the miracles of life, and of being alive on this precious blue jewel planet. This meditation uses three simple foci: heart, ajna, and crown centers. Each participates in life in a particular way and, because of these, you and I experience life as we do. Ajna is related to the various apparatus of perception that we have, heart is the universal oneness of life, and crown aligns us with purpose. It all sounds simple, but in its simplicity lies the profound realization that each on of us is necessary to Mother Earth, just as each bee, flower, rain drop, and breeze.

This meditation is velvet and ocean, tactile and deep.

Cells within the one life of Earth

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