13a: Interior Dimensionality: toroidal flow

Our insides create our outsides. In other words, the condition of our inner well-being will create our outer life. If one’s inner anatomy and mindset are in turmoil, cluttered, or out of balance, then one’s life will be the same. Yet, as we cultivate simplicity, rhythm, and the assent of our spiritual nature, our outer … More 13a: Interior Dimensionality: toroidal flow

13b. Words of Power

The energy centers of a human being are aligned along the central channel. Said differently: the central channel is the energy thruway of the subtle anatomy and the chakras are the major intersections along the thruway. Both the chakras or centers as well as the central channel and the subtle anatomy overall are subjects well … More 13b. Words of Power

World Service: Dynamic Inner Sameness

Earth is dynamic unto itself on the surface. Seasons, cycles, myriads of life forms all in motion and communication – lots going on. Yet, in addition to this plethora of life vibrancy is the inner dynamics of the Earth, such as those that create the electro-magnetic field. Each Sunday World Service meditation examines a sameness … More World Service: Dynamic Inner Sameness


When one’s meditation practice works, it feels really good. Delicious, blissful, empty, peaceful, inspiring, or vibrant are words that people often use to describe the states and experiences that they “don’t want to come out of” when ending a meditation. That’s understandable. We can experience these experiences because they are the substance and expression of … More Results

Effortless Effort

In The Practice of Living Awareness, the experience of “settling” leads to everything else. That might seem obvious because it’s the first technique engaged, yet, let’s analyze what’s going on inside that minute or so. A smile brings readiness and contentment to the moment. A long slow deep breath potentially rivets one in Presence. Add … More Effortless Effort

Intermediate: Getting Clear through Chakra Opening

I don’t know about you but it’s been hard for me to focus lately. My mind recently has, all too easily, been challenged to stay on track, and sentient awareness has been in constant flux with no restfulness or settled state. It’s exhausting. Yesterday, in the peace and quiet (outside and in) of a friend’s … More Intermediate: Getting Clear through Chakra Opening

Intermediate: You can feel the vibrations

Mudra is a subject that is best experienced in order to understand it. Static hand mudras are only one component of this vast subject, yet they are the best place to begin because the hand chakras come online easily and can be felt by most people. This meditation is the last with mudra for a … More Intermediate: You can feel the vibrations

Intermediate: Mudra – distribution

Mudra is where energy is commanded. Before that, and most importantly, one’s intention is how energy is commanded, and we are commanding, invoking, demanding, and directing energy all day long. Emotions are energy (e-motion), thoughts are energy (we can feel their vibrancy and force), physical action and movement is energy densified and coordinated. And, of … More Intermediate: Mudra – distribution

12c: One’s Rainbow of Integrity

We can feel integrity. The feeling is within good posture, within honesty, within truth, and a motivation that will benefit others. Integrity has sub-experiences or a sub-set of qualities within it, such as ease with oneself, patience or timeless engaging of the moment as it is, clarity, matter-of-factness. With these and with integrity, one experiences … More 12c: One’s Rainbow of Integrity

12b: Like the atmosphere or the ocean

When a practitioner breathes long and slow and deep, a set of qualities can be experienced. Some are subtle and some immediate and apparent. If one settles into simply breathing – the in and up of the breath as well as the out and down of the breath – whole vistas of experience await and … More 12b: Like the atmosphere or the ocean

12a. Straight up

The central channel is a mechanism within the human subtle body. Truth be told, a central channel is found within all bodies on the planet: animal, plant, mountains, and rivers. In a human being, the chakras or energy centers are aligned along it. The same is so for other beings and their subtle bodies. The … More 12a. Straight up

Three chakras, one planetary Life

World Service meditations continue through the break in the rounds. This meditation focuses on the heart, ajna, and crown chakras for their planetary sameness through Life’s expressions. Best to do the meditation for the planet and personal insight, rather than me explaining.   Downloadable podcast: Three chakras, one planetary Life.mp4

Treasure trove of meditations: reach in!

The few weeks interim between rounds is a great opportunity to experience themes of meditation that have occurred through The Practice of Living Awareness. Entry, Intermediate, Generative series of meditations are the scaffolding of The Practice, and a variety of meditation themes and training are explored and experienced through experimenting with them. Additionally, the World … More Treasure trove of meditations: reach in!

The caduceus within

The caduceus is an ancient symbol. Among its layers of meaning is the central channel within a human being. Certain chakras are also represented: ajna is the wings and the altitude that one experiences with meditative attention and crown chakra is the ball at the top. This presentation combines the DNA helix with the caduceus … More The caduceus within

Meditation creates excellence.

Creativity. Equanimity. Patience. Reverence. Clarity. These are powerful qualities, and meditation leads the way to each and every one of them. Spirit Fire’s mission is to offer you every opportunity to to find these inherent qualities within yourself and celebrate them to no end. There are many ways to tap in! Watch our video lecture: … More Meditation creates excellence.

The heart reveals

The human life thread is anchored in the heart center. Have you ever asked why or what this provides? The life thread anchored in the heart is telling us: that our choice of physical incarnation is for heart center reasons that the physical dimension and the heart’s vibration are in resonance that ease, peace, empathy, … More The heart reveals

Generating, purifying, changing the world

Generating qualities of Being and virtue elicits change from every aspect of a human being. In this way, every aspect of life is potentially changed. In this meditation session, I speak for several minutes about what is going on with our subtle system when we engage positive change, especially when reinforced with generating qualities of … More Generating, purifying, changing the world

*Intermediate: “not a thing”

The heart is not a thing. Purpose is not a thing. Nor is compassion, awareness, peace, union, or wholeness. The words just typed are concepts about heart, purpose, peace, and so forth. But when (if) we experience these states of Being, they are more than or simpler than the words, concepts, and things that we … More *Intermediate: “not a thing”

The Inner Dynamics of Asana and Meditation

For thousands of years, the primary posture for meditation has been the lotus or half lotus position. One could wonder if that is simply because people sat on the ground indian-style for the most part. But, in fact, there are many good and even important reasons to use the classic meditation posture if one can. … More The Inner Dynamics of Asana and Meditation