Donna’s Reflection on Spirit Fire’s 14th Year…


​2015 was Spirit Fire’s 14th year. It was a year of experiencing a ground-swell of results stemming from the efforts of renewal brought by new leadership. The generosity and work of all others through the years kept Spirit Fire’s vision and mission alive, but with children creating in the new Art Barn, a wider variety of presenter-programs at the retreat center, and an online educational presence, Spirit Fire’s wide ranging mission is clearly in fuller manifestation. As founder, joy and gratitude are the tone of my every day. I reflect upon those whose generosity – in all its forms – have ensured the steady unfolding of Spirit Fire’s three-pronged vision of conscious living and awareness. Thank you from the fullness of my soul!

This year the education and meditation components of Spirit Fire were my primary focus. With Steve and Tim having taken on all other facets of Spirit Fire, I was given the freedom to concentrate solely on education as well as be the daily voice of The Practice of Living Awareness. Gratitude again! As a result, 2015 saw new online programs such as the Symbolism within Tibetan Thangka Imagery and the Vibrational Excellence series. The intention with Vibrational Excellence was to give a face-lift to ageless metaphysical & esoteric subjects in order to meet a wider audience, and as well as try a new online module/semester model of programs. Both worked! 

Meditations supported classes and classes supported retreats. It is a joy to witness these teachings be well received online, at Spirit Fire, and across the country at our offsite retreat locations. Heartfelt letters from students and practitioners mirror my founding inspiration and speak to the heart of Spirit Fire’s vision. This student sums it up best:

​“The retreat offered a valuable opportunity to learn about how and why we meditate. The Path of Meditation thangka was a delightful centerpiece providing much within its beautiful images. Being students of the thangka, as well as students of sitting meditation, created a rich experience for intellectual and spiritual contemplation. Your teaching is focused and relevant. Your passion for The Practice of Living Awareness is clear, and you brought a depth of knowledge along with a warm personal style. I am happy to say that this meditation retreat inspired me to a new level of joy and commitment in my daily practice.”

Your presence contributed greatly to the success of Spirit Fire’s 14th year. Take a moment, if you have not already done so, and visit our website for more reflections on our year. And if so inspired, please donate. Your support makes a real difference in our commitment to conscious, sustainable living through education.

Again, thank you everyone. May your holidays be filled with light and love. May 2016 be blessed through Humanity caring, sharing, and giving such that all beings live safely through the responsibility of LOVE.

Love & Blessings,

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