The Dance

shiva_by_christasvengel-d6hyf9nThis post is simply words, but words are invocations. Invocations create vortices, vortices are concentrations of the flows of the universal energies. The toroidal flow of a person is just as stupendous and natural as that of a cosmic stellar display.

We are the vibrant dance of energies, of the flows of empathy, joy, and worry. A human being is Eurythmy or Eurynemony dancing on Chaos creating existence. As we let ourselves experience these not-so-subtle winds of our existence, then we realize ourselves as the winds of creations. And we realize that these words are not symbolic but factual.

*The computer had trouble with the webinar program this morning. There is no recorded meditation. But this gives opportunity for right now and all through one’s day to experience one’s vibrancy, one’s dynamics, one’s creative forces: whether one is creating happiness and wellness or creating disruption and detriment in that moment. Feel it. Experience your vibrancy, your dance.

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