Engaging the Heart of Humanity: a free webinar

We are familiar with the idea of common sense, but does it always lead to common good? What is common good and how can humanity engage it in a way that benefits all life on Planet Earth?

This presentation defines the Heart of Humanity as the mechanism that is currently re-defining human consciousness and its role on Earth. The fullness of Heart is also involved in the process of humanity understanding itself as Bodhisattva. Bodhisattva is more than a Buddhist term and pre-dates Buddha Shakyamuni himself. It is a comprehensive description of human Beingness, compassion, and creative livingness.

Engaging the Heart of Humanity previews the four week course, Redefining Humanity as Bodhisattva. To  find out more about the class click here and scroll down to Thursday.

To register for the free webinar presentation on Thursday: click here.

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