Service: Unity – One world, one shared life

Sudan is poised to create a genocide. Refugees from several wars or famines of the world have nowhere to go but can’t stay where they are. The US has elected a wild-card for its president and the Brits have chosen to exit the EU. Wisdom asks “does self-serving ever really serve one’s self?” Aren’t we all – at some point in our lives – a refugee of some kind?

helping-others-clip-art_274008This World Service meditation focuses on the power, wisdom, light, compassion and equanimity of Unity. Unity is experienced by all who have discovered the innate qualities of heart-mind. The experience of unity is one our collective possibilities that are only possible together. With care for each other, no one need fear. With sharing, all people’s needs can be met, including the Earth’s needs (along with those of plants and animals).

This meditation calls upon the best in each of us and the best in humanity.


Downloadable: Service: Unity

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