Generative: All phenomena are insubstantial by nature.

buddha-45-_1344413859Three components of meditation are active in both Generative Stage practice and in a meditator’s intention to benefit the world. They are:

  • the ability to focus one’s mind in a tranquil and steady acute manner,
  • the quality of energy that one chooses to work with or that is being generated by the meditative act/focus,
  • and the creative imagistic ability. This is innate in all people. The creative imagination is present at all times and being used by everyone at all times.

The first 10 minutes of this podcast is an explanation and sets up the new Generation Stage round. The three subjects are also being engaged fully in the Milwaukee Meditation Retreat occurring now, and will be in Tahlequah, OK at the end of March. This is so that, as meditators, we can experience that in fact meditation and good will do produce effects and benefits to the collective consciousness of humanity and the world. And, with that direct experience, the participants in the retreat will be encouraged and motivated to meditate for world good will all the more.

For information or to register for the Tahlequah, OK retreat, click here.

A powerful Generation Stage meditation follows the 10 minute introduction.


Downloadable: Generative: All phenomena are insubstantial by nature

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