Generative: Living Compassion

An elder member of the Spirit Fire community passed on in February. In completing her incarnation, she entered into the peace that she had generated through a life given to activities of compassion.

She began her spiritual life as a devout young Catholic, served as a nun for twenty years in a service oriented order, then had a thriving psychological practice for 30 years, and for the last almost 20 years deeply experienced a meditative and Buddhist life. Grace was an activist, an excellent listener, and humble in every way. Her mind was sharp, honed by a contemplative life. And, her advice was always wise, born of the fullness of experience and witnessing that she had lived.

There are many ways to live a life of compassion. The derivatives and progeny of compassion are limitless (kindness, respect, caring, listening, patience, generosity, collaboration, and so forth). She meditated on and with Chenrezig (Avolokiteshvara) for years. Grace sought to live a life that “loved others as Christ loved all”, and to live from the ocean of compassion in order to produce the well-being of all beings.

This one’s for Grace with gratitude.


Downloadable: Gen: Living Compassion

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