13a: Interior Dimensionality: toroidal flow

Solenoid_magnetic_fieldOur insides create our outsides. In other words, the condition of our inner well-being will create our outer life. If one’s inner anatomy and mindset are in turmoil, cluttered, or out of balance, then one’s life will be the same. Yet, as we cultivate simplicity, rhythm, and the assent of our spiritual nature, our outer life takes on these qualities as well. It’s s simple mathematical equation.

With this in mind, we engage the Toroidal flow of our inner nature.  Doing so, we experience first hand that we are more than this body, more then our desires, more than our tasks. And with this experience, we are inspired to refine, to simplify, and to bring this inner light and presence into the world.

Downloadable podcast: Interior dimensionality

The Toroidal Flow is Step 13 of the 14 steps in The Practice of Living Awareness. This means that we are coming to the completion of the current Round of meditations. We have one more week with Toroidal Flow and then two or three weeks with Step 14: Living Awareness.

Per usual, the weekly online live practice will take a break for a few weeks which allows you – the practitioner – opportunity to take your practice in hand, on your own. If one has been meditating daily or rhythmically, one will feel something missing. Then, the copious number of podcasts on this blog come to the rescue! Or, you can practice your ability to sit, engage a step, and experience your growth as a meditator. Both ways serve.

Wanted to give you a head’s up. But, we still have a few weeks left in this round.

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