Rest in Light

Light composes and pervades all that is, from the stars to the very cells of our bodies. It carries information, and nudges our potential. Light nourishes and sustains us, body and soul. Sunlight stimulates vitamin D production in the body which supports our physiology. A sunny day like a sunny smile can bring peace and … More Rest in Light

Light in the Darkness

Science, meditation and spiritual practices show us that we are light, and light encompasses all that is, life, energy, and information. And since it includes all that is, it also includes the shadow side, the darkness which can also be our greatest teacher. We are and experience both the light and the dark, happiness and … More Light in the Darkness

Clear Light

We truly don’t see the world as it is, we see it as we are, through our filters. Have you noticed that when your mind is distracted or you are emotionally upset that clarity tends to be elusive? A pure sheet of glass allows 100% of the light to flow through it.  Imperfections will alter the … More Clear Light