Light in the Darkness


Science, meditation and spiritual practices show us that we are light, and light encompasses all that is, life, energy, and information. And since it includes all that is, it also includes the shadow side, the darkness which can also be our greatest teacher. We are and experience both the light and the dark, happiness and sadness, hot and cold, joy and sorrow, compassion, judgement, jealousy, and love. When we look at ourselves honestly, we know that light and dark, brilliance and shadow are within us – it is part of the human experience. The tendency is to celebrate the joy, and endure the shadows of life. But what if we could see it all as the light that it is, and see it as the teachings that all our experiences offer, and embrace and act upon the opportunities and choices that exist in each moment? Brilliance and shadow, enter all of it consciously and fully. It’s always just a choice. Let’s meditate.

Downloadable Podcast:  Light in the Darkness

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