Intermediate: Energy, Awareness: Simple

The excellence of energy is that it is complete unto itself. All┬ápotentiality is within it, thus all possibilities. Awareness is an energy. It also sets energy in motion. As such, awareness and energy are inseparable. This is so in all ways: mundane or exalted. This means that how we are living our awareness is the … More Intermediate: Energy, Awareness: Simple

Cultivating Awareness: the 51% solution

Full acknowledgement of duality is the key to achieving Awareness. Without that full acknowledgement, one remains enamored of it, frustrated by it, frightened by the inconsistencies of duality, and trying to control it. This is an impossible feat. However, stating that “I am a being of duality,” “I live a dualistic life,” “I choose to … More Cultivating Awareness: the 51% solution

Empowerment: 1b

Empowerment or disempowerment come down to simple components. Awareness, self-recognition of awareness, and self-volition aligned as Awareness. The first step in creating this habit is noticing the true experience of any moment. That can only bring power if and when the noticing is followed by acknowledging the true experience in a moment. We will discover … More Empowerment: 1b

* Trust your practice: step 7

This step is Interlude. With it we experience the cornucopia of gifts that have been cultivated and thus are available from our meditation practice. And because our practice is The Practice of Living Awareness all of its steps enhance our awareness and can be brought into the livingness of every day. As such, we can … More * Trust your practice: step 7

Empowerment through Opening: Step 5

Softening and opening gives us options and fosters empowerment. Do an experiment: For one hour pay attention to all the ways in which reactivity through contracting of emotions or mind occurs. Expressions of contracting include frustration, a sense of rush or anxiety, anger, pettiness of any kind, or judgment about anything. Expressions of reactivity are … More Empowerment through Opening: Step 5