Intermediate: Energy, Awareness: Simple

orange waves.001The excellence of energy is that it is complete unto itself. All potentiality is within it, thus all possibilities.

Awareness is an energy. It also sets energy in motion. As such, awareness and energy are inseparable. This is so in all ways: mundane or exalted.

This means that how we are living our awareness is the energetic source of that which we are putting into motion. This can be most joyful and freeing because it makes plain that which we know already. Our state of mind and emotions is the genesis of the energy that goes out from us. Our state is the seed. The energy set in motion – through words, thoughts, actions, relating, creative thinking, openness, or meditation – will be of the same “kind” or nature as our state of mind and emotions. Calm will create calm, grateful will create more gratitude, petty will create more pettiness, worry will create more worry, delight in simple things will create more delight in simple


Downloadable podcast: Awareness. It’s simple.

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