Cultivating Awareness: the 51% solution

intermediate 1 sunlight in hand.001Full acknowledgement of duality is the key to achieving Awareness. Without that full acknowledgement, one remains enamored of it, frustrated by it, frightened by the inconsistencies of duality, and trying to control it. This is an impossible feat.

However, stating that “I am a being of duality,” “I live a dualistic life,” “I choose to live more aware of how duality runs my life,” such acknowledgements begin the journey of Awareness. These statements are similar to having decided a place of travel. If one is going to on a hiking journey, one acknowledges the equipment needed. Without that acknowledgement, one will not accomplish the hike easily. If the goal is Awareness, then full acknowledgement of one’s lack of Awareness through how enmeshed in duality one is assures that – in time and with persistence – Awareness will be one’s seat and the Ground of Being one’s foundation.

The 51% solution is my encouragement to us all. 51% of the time choose Awareness. Cultivate recognition of duality in all its states of mind, emotions, habits, desires, judgements, jealousies, as well as in one’s happy, peaceful, and patient states. Acknowledge what is arising as it does. Hold it for a moment – hold your mind in neutrality for a moment – and discover that which is only possible when one has acknowledged one’s dualism. This is cultivating Awareness.

This is an Intermediate meditation.


Downloadable podcast: The 51% solution toward Awareness

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