8b: Poise on and off the cushion

Exploration is a direct experience of something or somewhere. To explore Venice, one goes to Venice. To explore different spices, one uses them in cooking. To explore meditation, one experiments with meditation. In this sitting, we explore the qualities of poise that are experienced in our emotions, mind, and body during the sitting. Experiencing them … More 8b: Poise on and off the cushion

8c: Integrity begins inside.

Asana is a whole being process and concept. Though it begins with being about one’s posture, asana opens one to poise, composure, equipoise, and the feeling of integrity. Each of these speaks of balance, but not a type of outer balance – like balancing a book on one’s head – but inner balance, inner coordination … More 8c: Integrity begins inside.

Creating a happy life: flow

“The river makes the banks; it’s not the other way around.” Also, “our inside creates our outside. Then the outside (that has been created) conditions our inside.” Or from the words of Invictus that inspired Nelson Mandela during his decades of imprisonment, “I am the master of my life.” Ultimately, it’s this simple. This is … More Creating a happy life: flow