Balance – a mystical state

We might not realize how good balance feels because it seems so ordinary. Yet, when out of balance emotionally or mentally, spiritually or physically, it’s quite unpleasant. Consider it: when there is only the dry bones of daily tasks, we get antsy or grumpy. But, when we take note of the sky’s expanse, or the sound of the breeze, or the delight of someone’s presence, then the desert of monotony just turned into a mystical moment. And, the key was balance! We balanced the boring with the mystical.

Equally so, the mysteries of life are all around us, even in the functioning of our cells and minds. If the interest in such is primarily functional – like tinker toys – then the true mystery of life and its cosmic perfection is left out. Put it back in, and now we have awe, wonder, and balance,

rainbow awarenessThe central channel is the source of inner balance in more ways than one might think. Living life bored is to not engage the chakra system for what it can offer  – dimensionality and texture to life. The chakras are along the central channel. This meditation offers a gentle guided meditation that brings forward the balance of the mystical and the moment, and then brings the chakras online for a deepening.

This is a Central Channel, Step 12, meditation for all level of practitioner.

Downloadable podcast: Balance is a mystical state

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  1. Marvelous sound from this site; downloading podcast still sounds as though you’re speaking from an echoing barrel. Thanks!

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