8c: Integrity begins inside.

r_o_v__unifying_the_elements_with_sacred_geometry_by_neosoul333-d4hd3t7Asana is a whole being process and concept. Though it begins with being about one’s posture, asana opens one to poise, composure, equipoise, and the feeling of integrity. Each of these speaks of balance, but not a type of outer balance – like balancing a book on one’s head – but inner balance, inner coordination of emotions, energy, passion, thoughts, drives, joys, as well as empty space within emotions, mind, and Being.

The experience of centeredness that can arise from sitting well expands into the experience of peace, tranquility, composure, and alertness. These, too, are expressions of integrity. In both examples, integrity has come from aligning with the inside and having that alignment move us through our outer day.


Downloadable podcast: Entry: Integrity begins inside.

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