You Are Living Awareness

Living Awareness – Day 3   Meditation and the meditative experience reveal light and light reveals our humanity. Meditation reveals light of mind which displays as creativity, hopefulness, optimism, curiosity, inspiration, and ultimately… awareness. Meditation reveals light in our emotions. This shows itself in the form of happiness, light-heartedness, serenity, equanimity, cheerfulness, and ultimately… joy. … More You Are Living Awareness

Just Sitting

Living Awareness- Day 2 All of our meditations can be boiled down to being present. What does it mean to truly be here, now? The answer lies in something behind words. Let’s explore the technique of just sitting without an object to anchor us. Awareness lives there. Living Awareness Meditation – Day 2

The Banquet

Living Awareness – Day 1   This week we wrap up the current year and we wrap up the current round of meditations within the Practice of Living Awareness. The banquet has been freshly laid out before you. Life awaits… each moment. A new year awaits, chock full of possibilities and potentials neatly packed within each … More The Banquet

Happy Holidays

The theme of happiness is on our minds and in our hearts during the holiday season. So often we strive for the sense of happiness… for more, for better, for bigger, for brighter because that will make us happy. We probably know from experience, and research is confirming, that striving for happiness really doesn’t work … More Happy Holidays

Cause and Effect

Toroidal Flow – Day 2 How we feel and the ways we react to life effects what comes back to us. There’s a reason it feels good to act from a place of kindness, generosity and joy. We are connected to every living thing through energy fields that our eyes cannot see and that our … More Cause and Effect

Center of Awareness

Central Channel – Day 2 Awareness is a beautiful and natural place to reside. We’re all born with awareness; it’s our birthright. It cannot be destroyed or manufactured. As we grow, we start to identify with the aspects of experience that awareness sees, rather than the awareness itself. Through relaxing our nervous system and allowing … More Center of Awareness

Sensing Momentum

Central Channel – Day 1 The term “central channel” is esoteric, meaning it has to do with subtleties; with those things which which may go unseen. It speaks of a mechanism that utilizes our alignment and allows for spiritual energy to to move up and down the spine. Our spinal cord is the ‘seen’ physical … More Sensing Momentum

To Know

Pondering Ground of Being In today’s “pondering” of the practice, Steve and Jake discuss (with lots of laughter) the challenge and the magic of being fully present. Thich That Hanh’s affirmation, “I breathe, and I know that I am breathing,” factors heavily into the conversation. That is paired with a beautiful excerpt from Chögyam Trungpa’s, … More To Know

You, The Vessel

Ground of Being – Day 1 We have repeated several phrases throughout this round of the Practice of Living Awareness: “Energy follows thought.” “Your thoughts create your reality.” “You are a not a human being having a spiritual experience, you are a spiritual being having a human experience.” All of these support the concept, or … More You, The Vessel


Luminous Perception – Day 2 We’re gently peering into the mind and its deepest beliefs and thought processes. It’s a slow, yet exciting, adventure; one that we can take to heart and witness the subtle changes in our being. It simply requires a little love and attention, and seeds will start to grow. Luminous Perception … More Reprogramming

Your Luminous Perception

Luminous Perception Meditation – Day 1  Activity can generate energy – rub your hands together for 30 seconds and you’ll notice energy being generated. The acting of rubbing your hands together also requires energy; it’s an exchange. The mind is no different. As we aspire to higher vibratory levels of the mind (put energy in), … More Your Luminous Perception

The Now

Mind – Day 3 Being fully present in any given moment opens us to the space, or spaciousness, of pure potential – that meditative sweet spot where the mind steadies, expansiveness readies, and… we simply give ourselves over to the Now. After the hustle and bustle of a holiday week, let’s go there and linger. Happy … More The Now


Mind – Day 1  It’s safe to say that the wide variety of meditation trainings have one one thing in common: they are a doorway to getting acquainted with your mind. The Buddha observed that the primary source of our suffering is to be discovered within the mind. If we’re feeling stressed or worried, it … More Mind

Pondering Asana

Welcome back to our Friday conversations on pondering the practice. This week, we bring attention to the physical body and our asana. Asana is a sanskrit word that refers to one’s sitting position. The way we sit is often a reflection of the way we take a seat in our own lives… our posture in … More Pondering Asana

The Body

Asana Meditation – Day 1  As we move into the second half of this round of the Practice of Living Awareness, we’ll spend some time each week considering the ways that the second set of seven steps is a spiraling upward or a conscious extension of the first set of seven steps. For instance, Step … More The Body

A Conversation on Interludes

Interludes are important. They are integrative. This week, our meditations considered all that we’ve practiced thus far. We’re half way through this round.  As awareness begins to permeate our experience, we begin to grow comfortable with the space that is not being filled by words or tasks. We allow ourselves to simply be present and … More A Conversation on Interludes


Interlude – Day 1  This week will will meditate on the theme of interludes. Interludes create space for noticing the usually not noticed. We leverage this every time we meditate. Learning to quiet the mind, create peace in the emotions, and bring stillness to the body requires that we simply observe them – the body, mind … More Interludes

Matters of the Heart

Heart-Mind – Day 3: On Friday’s posts, we’ve been pondering aspects of meditation through podcast-style discussions. This week, Jake and Steve talk about Loving Kindness meditation… the challenges and the perks. They also talk about the importance of offering ourselves a little kindness during meditation sits. As the saying goes, the longest journey you will … More Matters of the Heart

Being with Kindness

Heart-Mind – Day 2  Election Day certainly has the potential to default us toward focusing on our differences rather than our commonalities; on that which separates us, rather than that which unites us. “The day after” is the perfect opportunity to generate some heart-focused positivity. A loving-kindness meditation reminds us to see ourselves in others … More Being with Kindness

Pondering Release

Pondering Release – Day 3: On Friday’s posts, we’ve been pondering aspects of meditation through podcast-style discussions. This week Jake and Steve delve into the experience of release. We are given many opportunities to release during a meditation sitting. We can release rigidity, preoccupation, expectation. We can release the mind from the trappings of the … More Pondering Release

Mental Noting

Soften, Open and Release – Day 2 The deeper we go into meditation, the more we can see into the distinct aspects of our reality and notice how often we get pulled away. A useful tool to help develop a discriminating awareness of our thoughts of reality, and an awareness of reality itself, is “mental … More Mental Noting

Masterful Trees, Masterful Lungs

Soften, Open, Release Meditation – Day 1: Getting to know your mind and your breath a bit better through meditation? We hope so. They offer us a lot. Paying attention to the breath inevitably leads us to the lungs… those masters of receiving and releasing. Your lungs have a lot in common with the other masters … More Masterful Trees, Masterful Lungs

Pondering the Practice

We receive a new breath every few seconds… there are great teachings within this natural occurrence. Softening and opening offer receptivity to the meditative experience. As this step begins to permeate your awareness, you begin to sense whether you are rigid or soft, closed-off or open, defensive or accepting. Softening, opening, and receiving are choices which … More Pondering the Practice

The Softening

Soften, Open, and Receive Meditation: Week 4 within the practice brings awareness to three powerful choices: softening, opening, and receiving. Our physiology chooses these for us every time we breathe. We receive oxygen on every inhale, all day and all night, consciously or unconsciously. Becoming intimate with this occurrence creates powerful shifts toward being fully present … More The Softening

Pondering Presence

Flow – Day 3: Flow as an optimal state of consciousness. Ultimately, we immerse ourselves in flow by becoming present. Simple words. But are they? For today’s conversation on the past week’s practice, Steve and Jake discuss the intricacies of staying present, both in one’s practice and in life itself. Enjoy. Would you like to … More Pondering Presence

Gently Expanding

Flow – Day 2 Watching the breath involves some effort, but not too much. It becomes a balancing act between not pushing too hard and not giving up completely. Once we arrive at the tip of the nose, we can gently allow our awareness to expand to the whole body breathing. As always, we aren’t … More Gently Expanding

Let Things Flow

Flow – Day 1:  We begin a new week and welcome a new theme: flow. Perhaps global conditions for the last year and a half have brought the concept of flow and its impact on our lives, our psyche, and our well-being to the forefront of our minds in new and sometimes urgent ways: the … More Let Things Flow

Pondering Anchors

Tip of the Nose – Day 3: “Bring your awareness back to your anchor.” This is a suggestion that’s often offered during a guided mindfulness meditation. It is the go-to remedy for a meandering mind. The anchor could be your breath, bodily sensations, or sounds in the environment… something that is present, or better yet, … More Pondering Anchors

Coming Back Home

Tip of the Nose – Day 2: In meditation we are learning how to rest in awareness. The only issue is that our minds are not used to this idea. Our monkey minds would rather jump from branch to branch instead of sitting on the cushion. We need a technique to help stabilize the mind … More Coming Back Home

Landing Your Focus

Tip of the Nose – Day 1: Practitioners of meditation often report that it offers them a greater sense of peace and ease when dealing with life’s ups and downs. Undoubtedly, this generates more happiness and a lighter way of being in the world.  They also notice improvement in their ability to focus. Improved concentration … More Landing Your Focus

A Conversation on “Smile”

We are venturing into new terrain. Every Friday, meditation teachers Steve Kramer & Jake Carignan will strike up conversation about the week’s practice. This week: Smile. They chat about the nature of a smile, its relevance to meditation practice, openness, vulnerability, and leave room for a 10 minute practice at the end. We hope you … More A Conversation on “Smile”

Voices in Your Head

Sitting with Voices in Your Head by Jake Carignan We all have a radio implanted inside our skulls that doesn’t seem to know how to stop. Sometimes it changes stations from an optimistic broadcast to a movie critic, a dramatic orchestrated piece or a fantasy writer’s dream far disconnected from reality. Our practice is to … More Voices in Your Head

A New Round of Meditations

Each moment is new and holds potential. It holds the potential for a gentle breath, for a gesture of kindness to yourself, or a gesture of kindness to another. The next moment holds the potential for peace, patience, and respect. In this moment and the next, we all innately hold, within ourselves, the potential for awareness. May you use the next … More A New Round of Meditations

The Realm of Infinite Possibilities

Living Awareness – Day 3   “The soul is the core of your being. It is eternal. It doesn’t exist in space-time. It is a field of infinite possibilities, of infinite creativity. It is your internal reference point with which you should always be in touch.”   – Deepak Chopra May the tools that you … More The Realm of Infinite Possibilities