Gratitude & Sympathy

As we look out onto the world, the chaos is apparent. It calls for the human heart to be the highest oscillator in our thoughts and actions. From Albert Einstein, “We are here for the sake of others—above all for those upon whose smile and well-being our own happiness depends, for the countless unknown souls … More Gratitude & Sympathy

A Pause for Gratitude

Each new day reveals the delicate nature of our interdependence, and each new day offers the opportunity to renew our commitment to goodwill and tap into the innate quality that binds us all: living awareness. Spirit Fire is committed to cultivating consciousness through the Practice of Living Awareness and we are so grateful that you … More A Pause for Gratitude

Wonder Abounds

Wonder Abounds. It is so easy to not notice the wonder and beauty around us as we move through each day, often like an automaton. Take a moment to pause and notice.  Let wonder catch your eye and your imagination. You might find it in a smile, a touch, eye contact, being in nature, the … More Wonder Abounds