Deny not the Earth


Our beautiful earth – our glorious home. The tendency is to forget our intimate connection with this planet.  Our bodies mirror that of the earth, from the rivers of water that flow through our bodies of blood, lymph and urine to the mountains of our bones, the air in our lungs, and the fire in our hearts. Every cell of our body, our very substance is made from components of the earth. We could not exist without the calcium, magnesium, iron, sulfur and oxygen to name just a few of the earth elements that are within us. The earth nurtures and sustains us, and yet she is suffering neglect. Do we notice the results of that neglect mirrored in our systems?  There is a growing lack of nutrients in our food and our bodies, impurities in the air and water, as in our blood and digestive systems, and decreasing fertility in our fields and our reproductive systems. These all result from our denying the importance of earth as our home, our mother, sustainer, lover and nurturer, and denying our duty as a relatively new ‘conscious’ kingdom in nature, to be good stewards. Let us use this meditation to connect deeply with the earth, to honor and support her with our love and appreciation, and to remember as best we can, to walk gently on this precious earth.

Downloadable Podcast:  Deny not the Earth

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