For the Love of the Body



What do you think about your body? Is your self-talk about the body kind or judgmental? Do you make taking care of your body a priority? Having the privilege of supporting the health of clients’ body, mind and spirit, there is a notable tendency to speak to and treat our bodies with some disdain or disappointment. Perhaps there is injury, disease process, pain, or just general dissatisfaction. Bodies come in all shapes and sizes, all makes and models, from a pinto to a jaguar and perfection does not exist!  Get over it and appreciate your body for the amazing expression that it is. The heart keeps beating, the lungs keep breathing, the digestive organs keep processing, the brain keeps controlling, the nerves keep supplying, the blood and lymph vessels keep flowing, the skin keeps feeling – and this is only a partial list – all of this works continuously, incessantly, mostly without our awareness. The body gets you out of bed in the morning, prepares food, goes for a walk, holds a child, touches a lover, you get the picture, without the body, living would be quite challenging. Let’s take some time to appreciate these amazing vehicles that allow for the expression of our Self.  Speak nicely to the 50 trillion cells that compose your body, and truthfully, those cells are listening to and responding to your inner and outer talk. Love, appreciate, and take care of your amazing body!!


Downloadable Podcast:  For the Love of the Body

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