Simply Observing

¬†The richness of an interlude is apparent through¬†meditation; after all, is meditating not an interlude in and of itself? As we meditate we hit the pause button on participating in outer activity: rushing to and fro, responding to texts and emails, planning, ruminating, reminiscing, and tasking. Meditation creates space for observation. As we simply observe … More Simply Observing

The Magic Space

Magic happens in ‘the space between.’ It’s often within this space, the pause or the intermission, that we allow the fullness of an experience to resonate. Tibetan Lama Djwhal Khul explains that interludes are necessary if we are to “avail ourselves fully of the opportunity which life experience is intended to furnish.” Meditation offers up ample opportunity to … More The Magic Space


With daylight savings fresh upon us, it feels as if we get to re-experience an hour – or every hour – until the body and mind get used to this odd change. The theme of this week’s meditations, Interlude, is right on time! Perhaps we use portions of this extra hour that’s been created for … More Interludes