Continuum: Understanding and Building the Antahkarana

The nature of Awareness-Mind is clear, radiant, empty of fabrications or modifications, thus is non-interrupted – it is a continuum. Antahkarana is another word for the non-interrupted, continuum-continuity of Awareness-Mind. Various models of states and planes of awareness or of being portray a ladder-like, step by step, access to more refined (or higher) modes of … More Continuum: Understanding and Building the Antahkarana

Mahamudra 2: the texture of delight

Conjure gratitude. Let it arise over something real, then deepen into it. Gratitude is sparkly. Appreciate something – a falling leaf, a rain drop, sunshine, or friendship. Then drop into the fullness of appreciation. It is a dance of delight. Mahamudra is a word, like water is a word. To experience the wetness of water, … More Mahamudra 2: the texture of delight

Mahamudra 1

Mahamudra is a Sanskrit word. Maha means great – as in universal, limitless, beyond comprehension and conceptualization. Mudra has several layers of meaning. First is the common mean: a posture or movement with a part of the body, such as hands. The reason for the mudra, however, is not often understood. The mudra is a … More Mahamudra 1

Nebula Sameness

“When one is living from pure Being, one is pure radiance. When a human being is living from the fullness of the heart, that person is pure compassion. When a human being is living from the full range of skills, acumen, creative abilities that are innate and available, that person is unstoppable in the processes … More Nebula Sameness

Translucent human beingness

The Intermediate level of The Practice of Living Awareness has a two-fold purpose: to train a practitioner to accomplish deeper states of meditation and awareness, such that the practitioner lives the wider range of meditation and accessed awareness. The purpose of this is so that one’s life becomes increasingly the manifestation of one’s practice. This … More Translucent human beingness

Waves of Mind series

During incarnation, mind seems to function largely through the quality of activity. This is why a quiet or calm mind can require significant effort when learning to meditate. However, Mind is a wave of cognition, a wave of awareness and, as such, behaves like a wave of light. Reacting mind functions as a quick oscillating … More Waves of Mind series

Liberation or limitation?

The interim between rounds of The Practice of Living Awareness can be a powerful exploration of the truth that we create our reality. Every moment is choice: choice of words or silence, which words to speak, their tone, meaning, and effect on others (of all species) choice of attending, follow through, simplicity, steadfastness or distraction, … More Liberation or limitation?

Ajna orientation

Meditation works with various aspects of the human subtle systems, foremost is the chakras. Attention, concentration, and insight all use the Ajna center at the brow. We begin the final two weeks of this Round of Intermediate meditations experiencing the various chakras and what meditation has brought forward from them. * This podcast is missing … More Ajna orientation

Smooth from monad to cells, from heart to fields

On layer of meaning of OM MANI PADME HUM is that we are the vibrations of these words. In other words, the mantra is an injunction to the practitioner to realize full presence that one is. We’re on a roll this week with velvety intense deep meditations that all have vibrational Truth of Being as … More Smooth from monad to cells, from heart to fields

Écoute. Listen!

Existence is vibration. It, you, and all in manifestation is vibration. All is the “Word made flesh.” The source of primordial vibration doesn’t matter – it being beyond all concepts and ideation. Of significance to you and I is that we are vibrating. We are waves of purpose and demonstration interacting with layers and layers … More Écoute. Listen!

Still growing?

Working in the garden this morning, I contemplated the growth of the plants. Many things are necessary in order for that to happen. Yet, when all that is necessary is present, then the plant grows and brings forward its fullness. So, I pondered, is my meditation practice still growing? Is meditation still producing fruit? Downloadable … More Still growing?

Creating a flowing field of harmony

This Intermediate meditation begins with a palpable field of harmony. Before words were said, anyone who arrived early waiting for the meditation to begin was absorbed in the meditative field already present. Then as the meditation session began, we basked, like a cat in sunshine. We end up creating a toroidal flow with harmony, the … More Creating a flowing field of harmony

Buddhic harmony: meditation on the buddhic plane

The Ageless Wisdom tells us that the collective majestic Soul of humanity is born of the vibration of the buddhic plane and resides primarily there. What is the buddhic plane? And is the answer of value to one’s life or to the world? The buddhic plane is the key to the purpose of personal and … More Buddhic harmony: meditation on the buddhic plane

Abiding as Presence positively effects humanity

We sit in long spans of meditational presence knowing that it serves existence not only ourselves. This is the way of now – related, interconnected, vibrantly interdependent as one whole. The whole is human consciousness. This is one shared composite of all that we bring of awareness, sorrow, fear, love, worry, and joy to it. … More Abiding as Presence positively effects humanity

The heart reveals

The human life thread is anchored in the heart center. Have you ever asked why or what this provides? The life thread anchored in the heart is telling us: that our choice of physical incarnation is for heart center reasons that the physical dimension and the heart’s vibration are in resonance that ease, peace, empathy, … More The heart reveals

You are necessary: the birthing of a new humanity

We, who teach meditation, spiritual well-being, or the inner sciences, are all saying the same thing. We are joined by those who are opening the paradigms of science, psychology, the understanding of vibration and morphic fields: we’re all saying the same thing. Humanity is either destroying itself or birthing a new level of awareness and … More You are necessary: the birthing of a new humanity

Wesak: human nature

The vibration of being human is both a complex set of sub-vibrations and simultaneously a simple recognition of three: the vibration of goodness which is attraction, the vibration of clarity which is wisdom and understanding, and the vibration of purpose which is directive and forward moving. Christ consciousness is a word used to describe the … More Wesak: human nature

Compassion: the world needs your essence

You and I are Christ-consciousness (“the hands and feet of Christ”). You and I are buddha-nature (already completely enlightened). We are the saints and the sages of the human race – because everyone is capable of great compassion and supernal wisdom. We are this human Beingness. The world needs everyone to live human Beingness. Generosity, … More Compassion: the world needs your essence

Profound simplicity

A human being is capable of a range of vibrational awareness. This is so in terms of voice and tenor, in physical grace or athleticism, as well as in empathic response, or psychometric resonance. Yet, these examples are but a thimble’s measure of human vibrational capacity. We learn to meditate for many reason, but one … More Profound simplicity

Inner Rainbow Vibrations

There is a significant teaching at the beginning of the podcast. It restates the particular emphasis being engaged with this Intermediate round of meditations. My focus is training the practitioners in the inner anatomy with the intention of maturing the capacity of the practitioner in both meditation and in his or her life of awareness. … More Inner Rainbow Vibrations

“Train in uninterrupted experience.”

The meditation retreat in Milwaukee that just completed began with the instruction to “train in uninterrupted experience.” It is a quote from Master Padmasambhava. What does that mean? How does one do that? The Practice is one method. The meditation says what that means better than anything I can write. Enjoy your practice.   Downloadable … More “Train in uninterrupted experience.”

Poise, equipoise, awareness

The Intermediate practice has been focusing on how “the inside creates the outside,” and then how “the outside conditions the inside.” We have practiced with the chakras, with the major channels, and we have sat asserting asana on three levels of body, emotion (astrality), and awareness (mind). Today, we call our attention to the already … More Poise, equipoise, awareness

New born

Have you ever held a new born baby? Have you ever massage or caressed that soft, vulnerable, precious new life? The newness is tactile, as is the purity. This is what is being cultivated with the current phase of the Intermediate practice of Living Awareness. “Our inside creates our outside.” Therefore, if one’s inside state … More New born

True freedom

This intermediate meditation continues the focus that the inner comportment of the person creates the outer actions and life expression. In other words, our inside creates our outside. Modern life distracts us from what is going on inside. Yet, it is the agitation or peace, the contentment or dissatisfaction, the inspiration or frustration that is … More True freedom

Using duality: the textures of distraction and of awareness

This is the fifth instruction and meditation in the Intermediate level of training for this round. The focus of this round is to learn to use duality. We live in duality; or at least our minds, senses, perceptions, and society tell us that we do. Physics reports that life is multi-dimensional, and meditators of the … More Using duality: the textures of distraction and of awareness

Cultivating Awareness: the 51% solution

Full acknowledgement of duality is the key to achieving Awareness. Without that full acknowledgement, one remains enamored of it, frustrated by it, frightened by the inconsistencies of duality, and trying to control it. This is an impossible feat. However, stating that “I am a being of duality,” “I live a dualistic life,” “I choose to … More Cultivating Awareness: the 51% solution

Using duality 3: establishing flawless meditation

Meditation, like everything else in the construct of duality, uses twos. Recognizing them (“notice the usually not noticed”), harnessing them (“bridle the horses of bliss and radiance”), and holding them in a unified ripened state (the All-Ground) is the training necessary to achieve and establish true meditation. This podcast begins with a few statements regarding … More Using duality 3: establishing flawless meditation

Using duality 2: the gaze

This round of Intermediate level of instruction in meditation sets out from the premise that our collective perception of duality and ourselves as dual can be used to establish the more true and refined awareness of One and, thus, oneness. Duality is experienced as perception, concepts, ideas, desires, and the experience of having an experience … More Using duality 2: the gaze

Using duality. The Intermediate level begins.

Duality is how we live. Acknowledging duality as a fact (that is to say that humanity lives as if duality is a fact) means that duality can be used to establish oneness. We begin the Intermediate level with this empowerment: that one can create oneness out of duality IF one chooses. Listen now.   Download … More Using duality. The Intermediate level begins.

Antahkarana: 5: A nirvanic experience?

Can we experience nirvana before achieving the supreme state of enlightenment? Yes, the qualities of a nirvanic state of meditation are completely possible – but only if we can hold a monadic-buddhic state of meditation and consciousness. Who can do that? Someone who practices meditation on and off the cushion, which might be you. The … More Antahkarana: 5: A nirvanic experience?

Seeds guarantee

Flawlessly, seeds produce more of their kind. Seeds of light, awareness, thoughtfulness, and self-betterment produce their fruit. Seeds of negativity or laziness produce their fruit as well. Consistency creates the newness of each moment. As such, the moment can be met with the recognition that it has never existed before.  Consistency as Awareness invites us … More Seeds guarantee

A Greater Purpose

What is the reason to meditate? Transformation. What is the purpose of meditation? Transformation on personal, local, and global scales. This purpose is effected by the energetic and telepathic relatedness of Life-Awareness. Your meditation matters. Is there a greater purpose to meditation? Well, is there anything greater than world transformation? If so, that would be … More A Greater Purpose

Webcast: Inside meditation: the Intermediate Stage of The Practice of Living Awareness

Insights into the art and science of The Practice of Living Awareness as a meditative technique. This webcast is full of descriptions of the Intermediate Stage (level) of The Practice, and its lineages of Raja Yoga, shamanism, and tantric Buddhist meditative techniques. Donna’s enthusiasm for meditation is plain to hear as well as her knowledge … More Webcast: Inside meditation: the Intermediate Stage of The Practice of Living Awareness

Waves of Mind: 4

Move your finger and hand really fast in front of you. This is what a cluttered mind feels like energetically. Slow down the finger-hand motion and your mind-body and emotion-body begin to feel more calm. If your finger traces a wave pattern, your emotions and mind settle. Simple. We can feel this rajasic motion when … More Waves of Mind: 4