Heroes of the Heart: an intermediate meditation

mary-and-josephThe world’s spiritual traditions have produced many spiritual myths and allegories. They all have the purpose of orienting humanity to the mythic and grand qualities within. The stories have common themes, such as a journey and a quest, challenges or dangers along the way, as well as the transformation of the characters precisely because of the journey and the challenges.

There is one more theme that runs through these world myths: the greater good and with it the willingness of the hero or heroine to give, thus do, all possible to ensure that the greater good is the end result. The story of Mary and Joseph going up to Bethlehem fits the criteria describing one of these world tales.

Essentially, in such traditional stories, all the characters are mirrors of the human psyche and our higher nature. Furthermore, these myths mirror our life. The storytellers of the world ask us to notice this: that the hero’s journey is constantly presenting in our life. This is the focus of this meditation.


Downloadable: Intermediate: Heroes of the Heart


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