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sanktaluciaprocessionToday, girls is process wearing crowns and halos of candles. They will also walk carrying a single lighted candle representing the inner light. The candle represents that darkness is destroyed by light of even a small candle. The innocent youth that carries the candle represents a greater strength than might; it is the strength of a pure heart.

As the sun sets today, it will be the shortest day and the night the longest night. But, tomorrow begins a growth of daylight. Humanity has celebrated the cycles of the sun and the celestial luminaries because they remind us of our Path, our Way, and our Hear.


This meditation focuses on the journey of light that humanity walks, a walk that must be increasingly embodied. As is said, “One must become the Path.” Doing so, one realizes that “all is light. And that, “in this light, all is illumined.”

Happy Solstice!


Downloadable: Inter: The spiral journey to the light within