The Jewel of the Suns

Theotokos, yaroslavi iconsMother Gaia is well represented by Theotokos, the Greek icon of the Divine Mother with mature Christ Child. In the Greek presentation, Holy Mother is always mature, regal, and aware. She is the earth of one’s life and circumstances from which we must bring forth compassion as action with equal maturity. We, like the child-Christ is immature in our ways but learning to express the fullness of our divine nature. This meditation is within the Capricorn full moon cycle.

Mantra is one way to affirm the inner Presence. Here is a variation on the keynote for Capricorn given by the Master DK, one that aligns with the energy of the New Age. I step forward from the Light Supernal, and in doing so create a new day (meaning new world).

Short introduction for inspiration: Mother Gaia and Capricorn:

The whole meditation: Jewel of the Suns:

Webcast: Jewel of the Suns, a deep meditation for a Capricorn Full Moon day.

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