* Born of Her

Save the EarthWe are born of Mother Earth. We are her youngest child. The human kingdom is the youngest kingdom of this planet. All others have existed for hundreds of millions or billions of years longer. That, alone, is worth contemplating.

The World Service meditation is creating a particular meditative groove in sacred service to Mother Earth. Specifically, it is the use of the creative imagination to call our attention to the great truth of inter-dependence and inter-being. The World Service meditations have always used the heart, ajna, and crown centers as focal points of realization and shared meditative awareness. However, as the Earth herself is going through changes, all life forms within and upon her are as well. That includes humanity. The Practice of Living Awareness always focuses on the greater – the macro. In the case of World Service, wisdom lies in focusing on the Mother in which we live and move and have our being. That, like teaching people to fish, is the greater wisdom.

We meditate with heart, ajna, and crown because all beings on Mother Earth have these centers and live their reality as well. Heart is the heart beat of everything that lives, the pulse of seasons and tides, the circulation of rivers, migrations, and the wind. Ajna is perception in all its forms, from many faceted fly-perception, to what a mountain perceives. And crown is purpose, stature, and the crowing glory that IS life on Mother Earth. She is the crown jewel of the solar system. We bow in alignment to Mother Earth. We hold her as most precious, just as she holds us and every sparrow.

Please join us live for the Sunday Service meditation if you can. It is free and your dedication to LIFE is needed. If not live, then please DO the Service meditation when you can. If possible, do it more than once a week. Humanity is like a child that wants something. But in the child’s myopia, he or she does not notice that the Mother is not well. The child screams for attention, but it is the Mother that is in need.

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