* Creating Harmony

Save the EarthOur world service meditations often include the sense of wonder or gratitude. Mental images of the wonders of our planet create pathways of appreciation in our mind. Then, our mind, heart, and breath are shared with all beings on Mother Earth. Mother Earth is One. The interdependence is complete, flawless, and beautiful. We are part of that.

Yet, as human beings, we actually have to choose harmony and right relations. We have to consciously decide to live in harmony. Self-will provides us with the awareness of separateness and individuality. Therefore, we benefit from the reminders of oneness. They bring us back to the greater truth: Life is One. All beings are One.

Be harmony in the world! Meditate, care, choose wisely with all others in heart-mind.


Photo: Save the Earth by Ssuunnddeeww on DeviantART

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