One Shared Life

Save the Earth“Life is One. All beings are One.” Mother Earth is one, and all life upon this planet is one. The World Service meditations through Spirit Fire began several years ago. In the beginning few years, it was by conference call with usually 20 or so people every Sunday. Since that time, people’s lives have become more full. Distractions and pulls, wishes and dreams, steer us away from half an hour of world service through meditation. And, in the fragmentation of the day, we forget that the Earth is one shared life. Life is One. All beings are One.

The World Service meditation has gone through cycles of emphasis:

  • the energetics of group alignment for more effective meditative service,
  • then a quality held in group meditation which was then sent out to the world,
  • then a recognition of the unanimity of the unseen and visible forces for good was the focus,
  • and now a cycle of in-the-moment realization that “we are all in this together.” This Earth is the planet we can live on, and is the planet that we forget to cherish and take care of. The air we breathe is the same breathed by dinosaurs and that will be breathed by our grand children’s children. (If we are walking around with face masks on, imagine what our great grand children will have to live with.)

Everything in a human life has been given by or taken from another life. There are no exceptions to this. Food, water, electricity, heat are taken. The air we breathe, the firmness under our feet and homes is given. Every moment of every day, a human being is taking or being given something. To what extent does one recognize that, think on it, change life choices because of it?

Friends, commit to your life. Commit to awareness. Then blend these commitments into one living awareness. Be part of the changing of humanity, and thus the salvage of the world. Without you, we cannot change the course of this ship. Humanity will repeat the course it took in Atlantis. We wiped ourselves out, except the few who survived in caves for some thousand years. Please, realize that Life is One. All beings are One, and every moment of every day your life depends upon and is the gift from billions of beings: human, animal, plant, and Nature. We really are all in this together.


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