Choose steadfastness

with the flow copyTo choose steadfastness is to choose awareness. Distractions and interruptions are impediments to a conscious and fulfilling life. Steadfastness is similar to the power of a brook as it flows. When unimpeded, it can furrow through land, create new banks, support living creatures, and express its innate being. When impeded or truncated, the brook is rendered powerless, diminished in stature, effectiveness, and beauty.

Learning to meditate requires that our outer life be lived with the same intention as our inner practice. Otherwise, the culture of the majority of our day will condition and create the culture of our inner life.

Choose steadfastness. Turn off the mobile device. Mute the sounds on the computer. Disregard or ride out a craving. See the task at hand to its completion. Equally, if you notice that someone is on task, leave him or her alone. Experience the peace of non-interruption.

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