The mystery of Oneness: world service meditation

Every aspect of everything we are, see, perceive, and can do is replicated a trillion trillion times through all the manifestations of life on Planet Earth. Consider it.

  • Seeing, perceiving, and making sense of what one perceives is a complex awareness shared by all life forms from microscopic to gigantic.
  • Arteries and veins, rivers, and currents of lava, air, and the sea are all the expression of flow, coming and going, arising and disappearing, of cycles, seasons, and life. This is expressed through the sap in trees just as it is wind currents.
  • Uniqueness and individuality seem distinct when one considers oneself but that uniqueness is shared by all living creatures, as well as snowflakes.

earth_by_xipxThe round of World Service meditations begins with a profound contemplation of the shared expression of Oneness that IS Mother Earth.


Downloadable podcast: The mystery of Oneness

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