Generative stage: setting the tone of equality-emptiness

HH Avalokiteshvara-Barry KerzinThe Generative stage of The Practice of Living Awareness started up again with this explanation and meditation.

Generative stage meditations are not usually posted because the practice of generating qualities of Being brings transformation to one’s sense of self and self-made reality. Therefore, it is best that one truly understands that before engaging in such form of meditation.

This podcast sets the tone for the current round of Generative Stage. It explains the equality of Being and sets the tone for the round through the reminder of emptiness.

If you are interested in Generating Qualities of Being through a quality such as kindness, patience, or such, or if you feel ready to generate the qualities of a Deity through yourself into the world, contact me. (I am not a lama. This practice has similarities to the mahayana tantric practice of generation of deity, however, there are also distinctions due to the fact that I am not a lama. The focus of The Practice of Living Awareness is living awareness in the fullness of its spectrum through every aspect of a person’s life. As such, The Practice engages the constructs of energy and self-made reality in this level of The Practice because each transformed person helps to transform the world.


Downloadable podcast: Setting the tone of emptiness


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