Liberation or limitation?

The interim between rounds of The Practice of Living Awareness can be a powerful exploration of the truth that we create our reality. Every moment is choice:

  • choice of words or silence, which words to speak, their tone, meaning, and effect on others (of all species)
  • choice of attending, follow through, simplicity, steadfastness or distraction, avoidance, laziness
  • choice of patience, kindness, courtesy, ethical action or impatience, aggression, rudeness, greed
  • choice of appreciation, gratitude, wonder, aspiration, and wide-mindedness or small mindedness, jealousy, pride, judgement.

freedom_02_by_AnnMeA meditation practice brings each moment into fuller view. Whatever we choose is increasingly illuminated and its results made obvious. Then, simple repetition begins to do its work. Repeated follow-through brings completion of tasks and a job well done. Repeated courtesy feels good and makes others feel good as well. Similarly kindness, patience, gratitude, and appreciation bring only goodness. Opposite words, actions or thoughts follow the same equation – but with detrimental and troublesome results. Mindfulness makes all this quite plain and easy to see. And that’s pretty cool!

I choose liberation – freeing others and myself from pettiness, small-mindedness, anger and such. How about you?


Downloadable podcast: aug0515final liberation or limitation.mp4

Graphic: Freedom by AnnMe from DeviantART

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