A meditation retreat: training the elephant mind

8 stages of shamatha Buddhist Master, Shantideva, wrote:

Wandering where it will, the elephant of mind, will bring us down to pains of deepest hell. No worldly beast, however wild, could bring upon us such calamities.

If, with the rope of mindfulness, the elephant of the mind is tethered all around, our fears will come to nothing, Every virtue will drop into our hands.

Tigers, lions, elephants, and bears, snakes and every hostile beast (all states of mind and emotion), all ghouls and ghosts and every evil phantom (more states of mind and emotion) by simple binding of the mind alone, all these things are likewise bound. By simple taming of the mind alone, all these things are likewise tamed.

For all anxiety and fear, all sufferings in boundless measure, their source and wellspring is the mind itself.

Shantideva, The Way of the Bodhisattva, chapter 5

Join me in Massachusetts, September 10-13, or in Oklahoma, October 1-4, or in Wisconsin, October 22-25 for a short but fruitful meditation retreat on the Path of Meditation and how to train the unruly mind. The techniques offered and engaged will be of value to any meditation practitioner as well as in one’s life.

Details for each location and registration are here.

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