Planetary Circulatory System

Enlightenment of EarthEach Sunday, we rejoice in Mother Earth, celebrate the wonders of being alive, knowing that in that celebration we are conducting the highest energies through all strata of existence. Each week we delight in the truth that heart is shared by all creatures and creation, and that all manifestations of the heart are all Her heart expressing. Similarly, we alight the ajna center and revel in perception, all manner of perception from all beings on and in the planet, knowing that these myriad ways of sensing reality reveal the wholeness of Reality as Mother Earth is experiencing it. Then we alight the crown center, and connect to the crowns of all existence: tops of trees and mountains, crown centers in all people and animals, and we experience orientation like a compass needle. It always points to the higher energies and states of Beingness. Doing so, we know that all Life orients toward the Whole, the True, the Harmonious, and the Power of Shared Life. Finally, we abide – invocative and receptive – to those higher vibrations in order to circulate them into the Earth, human consciousness, and all living beings. — We take wondrous account of the treasure chest of Earth and the treasures that comprise Life. In so doing, we realize the cosmic scale of Earthly existence, its possibilities, and our responsibility.

Enjoy this meditation and participate in Earth’s Being.


Downloadable podcast: Planetary circulatory system

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