Living it!

freedom_02_by_AnnMeWhen we live from the centerdness of meditation inner freedom is ours.

Training in meditation “tricks” the practitioner to come into relation with the inner truths and realities which bring one back from the distractions of worldliness and self-orientation. One learns to remain milndlful and real. Meditation calls one inside, and from centeredness one lives attentive to truth and integrity. From contentment, one lives at peace and in patience. From awareness, one moves in the world – personally changed just enough to catalyze change in one’s world.

Pettiness, anger, impatience, and insatiability are poisons to oneself and others. Therefore, living with awareness, living from awareness, living with delight in life even with its difficulties – this living awareness changes everything. We smile. Repeatedly through the day, we feel ourselves breathe, and experience living meditation with our day.


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