Generative: Waking with Pure Being

You know that you are Pure Being, right?

One can ask, “Then why do we struggle? Where is joy?” The simple answer has to do with where we put our focus. Focusing on Pure Being (which we are and everything potentially is displaying), we experience delight, wonder, ease, and lightness of being even when times are tough. Pain might not go away, but it is balanced with delight in the present moment and its truth.

This Generative meditation says, “Get up in the morning and act as if you are the deity or quality of Being that you are generating. Each moment, realize that the transcendent qualities of pure being are what can pour through your body, your words and energy, and your mind.”

I give a several minute pep talk to begin the meditation. Here is the inspiration that we used. The podcast is below it.

waking up with deity.002


Downloadable podcast: Waking up with Pure Being

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