Webcast: Engaging the Bodhisattva Heart of Humanity

What if the very purpose of humanity is to bring forward the ingenuity and clarity of compassion in every regard? This webcast introduces that idea as well as three upcoming online course in this regard.
1.The heart and its power experienced through Entanglement Theory and morphic field resonance. in other words, how interconnectedness is quantifiably real and can transform the world for the better.

2. The Love and Sacrifice petals of the Chakra System and their unfolding through Bodhichitta – heart-mind, the wisdom of compassion.

3. The Yoga of Clear Light. This meditative practice is possible because of the brilliant, naturally intuitive and caring nature of people. In other words, you are Clear Light. This 4-wk online course explains this Tibetan Tantric practice and examines other spiritual traditions for something similar.

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