February Full Moon meditation

Neptune-in-PiscesA fish in the sea creates a current by its movements. Yet, the current that the fish makes is absorbed by the greater current of the sea itself. The fish experiences both that which it goes out from it and the greater sea or school of fish of which it is a part. This synchronous vibrational experience is a Pisces experience.

Our full moon meditation uses this image as a way to experience the emanating energy field of one’s heart, then it being absorbed by the greater field of planetary compassion. We, then, meditate on the experience of being the small group of people who vibrationally help to steer the (like a school of fish) the collective of humanity toward a greater harmony.

DimensionsThe full moon cycle is 5 full days. We are two days into it. Please do this meditation anytime within the cycle or, for that matter, any time within the sign of Pisces. Thank you!

There are two podcasts: some introductory thoughts on Pisces before meditation, and then the full moo meditation.



Downloadable podcast of the meditation: February Full Moon meditation


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