World Service: What do the heart and a volcano have in common?

They have new life in common. A volcano’s eruption is the creation of new rock which will, in time, become the ground upon which life will grow. The human heart also creates. The heart brings forward truth, empathy, and long-term wise creative solutions to problems. The heart renews life.

The lava of a volcano is created through the pulverization of tectonic plates grinding each other along with the intense heat inside the Earth. What comes out the top of a volcano once was something else. In a similar way, the heart can release old issues into the new of the Now, such that from the old new relations, new opportunities are created.

Living on Earth, we express Her principles. In the realization of the analogies of Her principles all around us, and inside us, we serve Mother Earth. Through noticing these dynamics, She is seen.


Downloadable podcast: Volcanos and Hearts

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