Intermediate: Mudra 3: one application of the Divine Triplicity

All beings and all reality express three primary or fundamental qualities: energy, stability through the experience of becoming, and adaptable creative expression. These three qualities of being are given form and name in all traditions: spiritual, religious, and scientific. Each calls them by unique names or describes them through a wide variety of attributes. Yet, at essence the Divine Triplicity is a primordial ONE something that expresses, demonstrates, and gives rise and completion to all in existence through its tri-une nature.

The parts of the hand represent these three capacities and qualities. Fingers or parts of the hand can also invoke, receive and temporarily hold, as well as distribute any of these three. This is our meditation.

A mantra was used in the meditation. It is:

I am Soul, source of clear light, giver of dynamic life, director or all my intentions. I am Soul breathing. 


Downloadable podcast: Intermediate divine triplicity

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