Generative: musing on Root Races through Ganesha

GanaeshaWhat I appreciate about symbolism is its pan-global and possibly pan-historic quality. As I was contemplating this image before meditation, it occurred to me that it is likely that much of this imagery comes to us through various root races, and that we might be able to identify the root race symbolism that has come forward. Doing so, we might be able to identify some of the symbols that have existed and been passed down through the long 18+ million year history of humanity, that time frame being given by the Master DK. For example, the cross is in all cultures and traditions, and pre-dates Christianity all over the world. Petroglyphs, cave paintings, and archaic versions of the cross can be found in every habitable continent. I think that with a particular eye, this image of Ganesha, a Hindu deity, can provide similar pan-cultural, pan-historical symbols.

The bowl of berries held in his uplifted hand represents abundance, and the juice of the berries or the sustenance of them represents the elixir of life. Both abundance and the elixir of life have myriad presentations across the world and time. Generally, a container, vase, or jar is held in the hand of the deity or guide. It is filled with that which is solid but also that which will create or represent liquid, like berries or grapes. My guess is that this symbol and its idea comes from the Lemurian Root Race, when human beings were learning to come into form. We were learning to understand the relationship between consciousness and the realms of form. In the first sections of the Lemurian Root Race, human beings were ethereal and identified with consciousness as consciousness. At that point, we had not yet densified (or the classical metaphysical termΒ  – descended). When human beings did, we were giants, very big giants. Therefore, an elephant and the largess of an elephant would represent this Lemurian Root Race form to a human being’s deep psyche and consciousness.

My guess is that the unfolding lotus is from the Atlantean Root Race, as is the flowing clothes, the ornamentation of the robes or clothes, as well as the desire for ornamentation and beauty. These represent a deepening or a furthering of densification into the realms of form. Through most of the Atlantean Root Race, which also lasted millions of years, we were very happy beings living in harmony and unanimity with existence. During these early phases of the Atlantean root race, human beings were empathic, telepathic, and had a shared consciousness with existence and with Earth. This is represented biblically as Eden before the Fall. Adam and Eve were naked – representing naked awareness as well as no veils between their consciousness and all other beings at that time. Life was beautiful. In Buddhist terms, life was a sambhogakaya type of existence at this point and for a long time. It was blissful, harmonious, beautiful, all of existence was understood through and experienced as energy and radiance.

My guess is that the hatchet in the lowest hand of Ganesha represents coming into the Aryan Root Race which is what we, humanity, are currently in. In the current root race, division is being cultivated and then that which has been divided or made distinct in our minds will be at-oned. Synthesis: a detailed understanding of the parts will be one of the results of the Aryan Root Race. Yet, that meticulous entirety of wisdom is being accomplished through processes of division and separating. Thus the hatchet.

A hatchet cleaves, it splits things apart. That which is split is now two or more. My suggestion in this musing is that the hatchet represents fundamental construct of duality and the division of self and other which then is the source of aggression, arrogance, poverty and greed. Division is the source of suffering. Unification, understanding the interconnectedness nature of existence will be the dawning understanding of the current Root Race, with humanity eventually, living once again in union and harmony with Earth and life. And that inter-being will express the by-products of all three root races:

  • living with life as pure energy and thus with only an awareness of abundance. There is no need to take, and nothing to take. All is energy and space (Lemurian).
  • living with life as joy, contentment, or bliss. Shared empathic relatedness means that all beings feel all beings. Harm and harmfulness will disappear because harm of any kind will be felt within the perpetrator first before it goes out from him or her. The truth of inter-being will be lived fully again, but with conscious awareness along with the Atlantean experience of omni-presence.
  • living with clarity on the life expression that each part or being expresses within the whole. The Aryan root race will produce self-conscious awareness of every aspect or manifestation of Presence. Life will be understood factually as energy and as omnipresent purpose demonstrating. As such, all will be equally valued, and the delusion of division or separateness be undone. Human beings will understand themselves a the span of Awareness present on Earth for Earth’s purposes as are all other kingdoms.

The symbols that surround us in the world traditions have long histories. To open one’s heart-mind and contemplate them for the long histories and future purposes that they report is something that the symbols themselves invite. Little do we know, we are inviting ourselves to understand that which we used to know and to synthesize that ancient, having-lived, wisdom into our Now.


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