One more time: World Service: Outside my window

Due to a family obligation, there is no live meditation today. But, last Sunday’s meditation was precious and joyful. I hope you will enjoy this meditation again, and serve the world through your appreciation and joy.

snake-river-grand-teton-national-park-wyomingWhere we sit is relative to where we are on Earth. For this World Service meditation, I was sitting in a sunny window on a glorious March blue-sky early Spring day. The days are getting longer, warmer, brighter, song birds are returning and buds are thickening on branches in preparation for the bursting of leaves.

But in the Southern hemisphere, the opposite is happening: shorter days, longer nights, colder temperatures. Maybe where you are, as you are meditating, it is night or raining or snowing. Maybe you are sitting by the sea or looking out over a savanna or mountain.

We live on an amazing planet of diverse ecosystems, places to be, times of day and night, seasons to experience and delight in. This world service meditation marvels at these common daily experiences that we all have and we frame them in the wonder of living on Earth.


Downloadable podcast: Service- Outside my window and all around me

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