Intermediate: Intimate, Integral, Inseparable

startpagina9Help is all around us. Mentoring and beneficial advice is available to us from the inside or the outside through signs and people all the time. The ancestors that have taught us, protected us, nurtured our consciousness and our life, are with us right now. Their kindness and wisdom has never left.

In addition to this cadre of assistance and mentoring, we also are equipped with the full range of our beingness. And, it is replete with the streams of maturation that we have received lifetime after lifetime.

Soften and open to it. No one is alone or has to “go it” alone. That is the false-face of the ego speaking. Instead, soften and open to all that is available to you and is present in circumstances and in people as well as in prayer and meditation. We are inseparably permeated by that which we have received and that which we are.


Downloadable podcast: Intermediate: Intimate, integral, inspeparable

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