9a. Options

1988054_origThe nature of Mind is vast, compound, and beyond categorization. At the same time, the qualities of Mind are many, maybe limitless. Some of the qualities are to be exacting or contracting, to be capable of opening, widening, or of detaching/abstracting from… . Also Mind is innately empty which is how inventiveness, intuition, creativity or all kinds, spontaneity, and choice can arise out of the blue. Many more qualities can be given and have by teachers and meditation masters through the ages. We’ll explore them along with the three just give through this week.

Mind includes all forms of Awareness, all levels of intelligence, and all types association, logic, reasoning, and sense. Mind is this for all beings: human and non-human.

In the Eastern sciences and systems that have been studying Awareness for myriad millennia, Mind includes all forms of perceptions thus the senses, all modes of formulating responses and reactions, as well as all the realities that are devised by one’s likes and dislikes, preferences and avoidances, shoulds, coulds, and woulds, together with one’s ease, contentment, peace, sense of harmony, and union with life and others.

Mind, then, is a most comprehensive term, which means that all options derive from it. The implications of this are huge! And they are straightforward and completely at one’s disposal.

  • Happiness? Choose it, right now, no matter the situation.
  • Open mind? Choose it, right now, no matter the discussion.
  • Self-acceptance? Choose it, right now, no matter the past.
  • Forgiveness? Choose it, right now, no matter the what your holding onto.
  • Love? Choose it.
  • Laughter? Do it.
  • Go stare at the sky, go for a walk, splash your face with warm water? Now, right now.
  • Create this moment or recreate the one that is arising? Yes, DO IT. You have options.

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