11b. Presence is ground.

The stability of Presence is the source of true and lasting inner security. When established and centered, one can engage life, the flow of events and people, with joy, ease, simplicity, and autheniticity. Presence with one’s children, spouse or partner, or with those sharing traffic with us opens one’s mind to the empathy, patience, and creative inspiration of the heart. As Presence, we become the source of their stability through respect, kindness, collaboration, through listening and laughter. As such, we become their ground: counted on to be true, truthful, honest, ethical, and upright.

We discover greater peace and ease in our mind as a result. We discover that impatience, self-centeredness, and pettiness leave a shadowy replay in our mind. We are not Gollum. Step 11 invites us to experience the stability that one’s practice can provide and to experience the Ground of Being.


Downloadable podcast: Entry: Presence is ground.

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