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Housing the LightThis graphic well displays the quality of options that one has every moment. The lower part of the image is beautiful but is a repetition of a pattern. It is a replication of itself over and over. This represents our habits, patterned responses, and choices that result in no change or forward movement in consciousness.

The middle diamond shape can represent the Soul. When the Soul or transformational intentions are the crux and criteria of one’s choices, the results are emanations of benefit. Consciousness grows, clears, and one experiences more of the range of one’s Being. People around us are benefited. From the Soul or with altruism in mind, we  will also choose to change, choose giving, choose that which serves others.

The upper flower of life type of image can represent living from Beingness or spiritual wholeness. This produces the most wide emanations of well-being for all, and lasting good karma and benefit for oneself.

Beautiful graphic: Housing the Light by Giovanni Rubaltelli on DeviantART


Downloadable podcast: Intermediate: Responses- patterned, or lighted, or limitless-