Awareness is every moment.

bigstock-Lotus-Flower-49877429Live meditations will resume on Wednesday with Step 14: Living Awareness. This is the last step of The Practice. We’ll engage what already IS for the remainder of the week and continue into the following week.

Awareness is every moment. Awareness is also in every moment. We can come to a fundamental understanding: that in this moment, no matter what it contains or seems to be, is flawless awareness. You and I already are simple embodied awareness, we already are content, our mind stream is already bright and spacious, limitless in scope. Awareness is in every moment because Awareness is every moment.

After next week we will take a few weeks off from online practice in order live our practice and, with dedication to wholeness and the well-being of life, to meditate on our own faithfully.

Yet, always remember, on the cushion must become the living awareness off the cushion. One’s meditation practice is for life, not a rest. It is for the discovery of what already is, and life already is part of that discovery.

Below is a meditation from our archives for you to enjoy before Wednesday.

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